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Omaha, Neb.- April 5, 2019- Omaha Airplane Supply, the worldwide aviation parts distributor,
announces new ownership. Brian Bronson, Mike Micek, and Bob Negus are the aviation
minded, business professionals who have invested in the company.

“With Omaha Airplane Supply’s long history as a reliable supplier to the General Aviation
industry, we saw an opportunity to grow the company in current markets, as well as markets
that are currently underserved by parts distributors,” said Brian Bronson. With over 20 years of
experience in aviation, Brian is bringing creativity and innovation as the President and CEO. By
focusing on new growth with fleet operators of working airplanes, Omaha Airplane Supply will
capture more of the consolidating parts distribution market, while continuing to be a reliable
supplier to their current client base of maintenance and overhaul facilities.

The goals of Omaha Airplane Supply are to increase inventory and implement additional
product lines, allowing them to fulfill the needs of their growing customer base. Since new
ownership, Garmin, APS, David Clark, and Phillip 66 have been added to the product lines and
there is more to come.

The executive management team consists of Dennis Waggoner, CFO and Ray Bennett, Vice
President of Sales. “I’m proud to be part of a 56 year old heritage. Our investment team is
providing the backing to expand our product offerings, increase inventory levels, and the
resources to rebrand the company. I look forward to working with the team to showcase a
company that is built on a strong customer service mentality,” said Ray Bennett. The new
owners of Omaha Airplane Supply are excited to continue its legacy with the most
knowledgeable aviation parts team in the industry.


Our people know the airplane business and do all they can to give you what you need to get your job done – more quickly, easily and affordably. And in an age where service comes at a premium, it’s still part of our standard offering. That’s why we say that at OAS, our attitude is service. Find out for yourself.


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