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Customer Services

We provide a wide variety of parts and services


Who We Service

Fleet operators

We supply parts to a variety of aircraft fleet operators.  From Flight schools to Law & Wildlife Enforcement, Aerial Fire Suppression and more.


Overhaul Facilities

OAS supplies parts to various engine, accessory, brake facilities and more so they can fix and overhaul components to meet their needs


Maintenance Facilities

OAS works with maintenance facilties to supply them with parts so they can service their customers aircrafts quickly and with the best parts available.


The Hose Shop

The Hose Shop at OAS has been supplying all of general aviation aircraft for over 30 years. From J-3 Cubs to Business Jets. We build hoses for fun aircraft and working aircraft, training airplanes and spray planes. Aircraft that burn 100LL and aircraft that burn JET A, Airplanes that have one engine or two…or three or four! With our knowledgeable staff, expert craftsmen, huge inventory, and part numbers for 1000’s of hoses, OAS can turn your hoses in hours…not days.


Managed Services

Have major maintenance that you need someone to manage? The pros at OAS can help! We have great relationship with out customers and can help you through the process of major maintenance events.

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5810 F St | Omaha, NE

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Our people know the airplane business and do all they can to give you what you need to get your job done – more quickly, easily and affordably. And in an age where service comes at a premium, it’s still part of our standard offering. That’s why we say that at OAS, our attitude is service. Find out for yourself.


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